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1 February 2013
Gaur Herd gros again

In 2011, &Beyond pioneered a groundbreaking mass translocation of 50 gaur (Indian bison) to restore the species in Bandhavgarh National Park in central India. The success of reversing a local extinction is measured by how well the new population does in its new environment.

Despite tiger-inflicted mortalities, the herd has steadily grown and the recent birth of an 11th calf brings the current total up to 55 gaur.

This is fantastic news and is concrete evidence of the value of active management. There are many potential pitfalls for a population establishing itself and growing well in an open system; therefore the decision to fence some of the conflict areas in the Park has been a major contributor to the success of this translocation. With researchers monitoring the herd’s daily movements, we gain a much better understanding of the seasonal movements and habits of this iconic Indian species.

For more exciting conservation news, be sure to read &Beyond Group Conservation Manager, Les Carlisle’s “Carlisle on Conservation” blog.

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