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"Onwards to Kanha. The tented suites at Banjaar Tola are extraordinary - possibly not to everyone's taste but we enjoyed the experience. The open-air dinner on our first night was wonderful and we enjoyed the entertainment provided by the local (tipsy?!) dancers almost as much as they did! From memory, we could only squeeze in one game drive here, as one of our days there was Holi but having done all four drives from Baghvan and then the road transfer, it was quite nice to have "a day off". And what a day it was! We had a great time celebrating Holi with other guests, all the staff and ringleader Les Carlisle and his team of Gaur movers. It was a real privilege to be involved in such an all-encompassing celebration, made all the more fun by Les and co. Hats off to the Manager there - he was really on the ball. Our naturalist Raj (you should see his photos) looked after us very well. One of the many highlights was the "flying squirrel show" at a neighbouring property - as regular as Old Faithful, the squirrel comes out between 6.30 and 7pm every evening and "flies" across from his tree. Fantastic!  "
Clare Plummer, former Wexas employee
18 June 2012
United Kingdom

"Banjaar Tola is a superb lodge. The tented accommodation is very large and luxurious with AC, a huge bathroom, a vast circular bed and a wonderful balcony overlooking the river. Housekeeping do a wonderful job of keeping the room clean and fresh, despite us returning day after day hot and dusty after our safari.
There is a small but very inviting swimming pool and the public areas for dining and relaxing are well designed and comfortable.
The service, however, is what I remember the most. Every member of staff goes out of their way to make sure you feel special. Our butler quickly noticed what we liked to drink and made sure that it was available cold in our room straight after we returned from our safari.
The food was excellent and very well presented. We ate overlooking the river except on our last night when we were taken to a lovely site complete with a fire to enjoy a spectacular meal.
The safari drives were special. We were never rushed and the naturalist's knowledge of the fauna, flora and birdlife was fantastic. The training by the One & Only group has resulted in truly first class guides who are knowledgeable, courteous and patient. Every safari drive was a delight and we were lucky enough to spot five different tigers besides hundreds of other different species.
I would like to congratulate the Manager for running such an excellent lodge.I cannot recommend Banjaar Tola enough if you are visiting Kanha. It was certainly worth the effort of getting there and we would recommend staying a few days in order to enjoy the park and the camp. "
Taj Safaris Guest
2 May 2012
United Kingdom


Getting here is not easy, however, if you do come to this place you will have the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people you could ever hope to encounter, stay in accommodation which you may not quite believe, eat some of the best Indian food and probably see animals and birds unfamiliar to western eyes. The camp is on the edge of the forest (think Jungle Book) and is stunning. That it could work at all given the supply lines and vagaries of remote India is surprising, that it works at the level it does almost implies supernatural intervention. The tents are extraordinarily comfortable.

Food is mainly Indian but if you are not too keen on that then the most excellent chefs will do everything they can to ensure that you do not starve. If you are lucky, and we were, they will set up dinner for you on your own patio which will be a highlight of your visit. The main reason for coming here is to visit the forest and spot the animals.

You will be allocated a naturalist who will look after you on your trips into the park - ours was Akosh, a delightful person with an extraordinary knowledge of the flora and fauna. While many people are interested only in the Bengal tiger there is a plethora of deer, smaller cats and a profusion of birds. We didn’t see a tiger butt we did have a somewhat close encounter with a leopard. Expensive and you have to make some effort to get here but it’s worth it and then some.

Taj Safaris Guest
4 April 2012
United Kingdom


My parents and I decided to stay at Taj Banjar Tola while visiting Kanha national park. I have to say, this place is amazing. From the staff to the decor of our room, everything was great.

First the staff - I have never been given such personal service. The cook introduced each meal to us personally. Each staff member knew our name and took the time to get to know us. The staff here seem to really enjoy doing what they do and that I think is not very common in resorts.
The decor - I read a review here by a lady who said that the decor was African. I wish that people would take the time to understand the culture before they make such statements. The brass fittings in the rooms are very traditional tribal art of Madhya Pradesh and def Indian. I thought the decor combined elements of Indian tribal art with British camp splenndor and I thought the rooms and the deck overlooking the river were just amazing.

Finally on the quality of our safari - just great. We could not have asked for more. We saw 2 tigers, wild dogs, 4 variety of deer and wild hogs. The best part however, was the naturalist who came with us - Payal is amazing! She really knows the forest and the wildlife and expresses great enthusiasm for conservation. Ask for her!

Taj Safaris Guest
20 March 2012


I am PERHAPS not a very "wildlife" kinda person.. ***'Perhaps' because that seems to have changed since my trip to the Banjaar Tola at Kanha***

My trip to Kanha was incidental.. My brother had been to Pashan Garh, Panna, which happens to be another Taj safari lodge, and he, knowing well my taste and preferences, was so convinced that I spend a vacation at a Taj safari lodge, that I eventually had to give in.

The lodge comprises of luxury tented suites... and believe me, these rooms were simply awesome! The setting in the wild... ( you don't have metaled roads anywhere in the property... and no street lights for that matter), the river for company and an extremely caring staff to ensure every moment spent in the lodge or during the safari is made memorable. They do pack in a lot of surprises for their guests... so, i am not being the spoiler by giving in a day to day account of our time there. :)

Loved the wake up early in the morning - have porridge on the deck - start off for the safari while the air is still chilly - wander about in the forest, picking up clues for possible tiger sighting - have breakfast in the jungle... (loved those cookies!! :P) - learning to decipher distress calls - deck discussions with fellow travelers, the forest guide and the manager - personalized chef and butler to take care of our every small need - candlelit dinners in the open - Surprises galore....
There are certain things money cannot buy.... THIS was one of them!

P.S. Without doubt, the best hosts in the country are the TAJ GROUP! Staying with them is an experience in itself! and we got a real taste of that! Thanks, guys! :) :) :)

Taj Safaris Guest
25 February 2012

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